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Formulated for professional hairdressers and hair colour technicians, Indola haircare and hair styling products are specifically designed for colour treated hair.


With pigments that saturate the hair cuticle with colour, Indola’s leave-in Profession Color Style Mousse offers a great way to enhance hair colour while offering natural hold and heat protection.


Increase shine and improve hair density with Profession Itone, which contains an ammonia-free colour cream that helps smooth hair structure.


For fast acting extra lift, Dust-free Rapid Blonde+ Compact Bleach Powder is an easy to mix and apply formula that boasts special restructuring agents.


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45 Results
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Indola Color Style MousseIndola Color Style Mousse
Indola Color Style Mousse $22.95  $18.95
Innova Color ShampooInnova Color Shampoo
Innova Color Shampoo $18.95  $16.10
Innova Color ConditionerInnova Color Conditioner
Innova Color Conditioner $18.95  $16.10
Innova Repair ShampooInnova Repair Shampoo
Innova Repair Shampoo $18.95  $16.10
Innova Repair ConditionerInnova Repair Conditioner
Innova Repair Conditioner $18.95  $16.10
Innova Repair Split EndsInnova Repair Split Ends
Innova Repair Split Ends $18.95  $16.10
Innova Repair CapsulesInnova Repair Capsules
Innova Repair Capsules $18.95  $16.10
Innova Hydrate ShampooInnova Hydrate Shampoo
Innova Hydrate Shampoo $18.95  $16.10
Innova Pure Detox ShampooInnova Pure Detox Shampoo
Innova Pure Detox Shampoo $18.95  $16.10
Innova Pure Energy MaskInnova Pure Energy Mask
Innova Pure Energy Mask $18.95  $16.10
Innova Pure Refresh TonicInnova Pure Refresh Tonic
Innova Pure Refresh Tonic $18.95  $16.10
Innova Kera Restore SerumInnova Kera Restore Serum
Innova Kera Restore Serum $19.95  $16.95
Innova Wonder WashInnova Wonder Wash
Innova Wonder Wash $19.95  $16.95
Innova Wonder Blow-DryInnova Wonder Blow-Dry
Innova Wonder Blow-Dry $19.95  $16.95
Innova Wonder TreatmentInnova Wonder Treatment
Innova Wonder Treatment $19.95  $16.95
Innova Setting Curl CreamInnova Setting Curl Cream
Innova Setting Curl Cream $18.95  $16.10
Innova Texture Strong GelInnova Texture Strong Gel
Innova Texture Strong Gel $18.95  $16.10
Innova Texture GlueInnova Texture Glue
Innova Texture Glue $18.95  $16.10
Innova Texture Fibre GumInnova Texture Fibre Gum
Innova Texture Fibre Gum $18.95  $16.10
Innova Finish Gel SprayInnova Finish Gel Spray
Innova Finish Gel Spray $18.95  $16.10
Indola Sculpture MousseIndola Sculpture Mousse
Indola Sculpture Mousse $15.00  $11.95
45 Results
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