Acrylic Liquid

  • Hawley Acrylic Liquid

    Hawley Acrylic Liquid


    The standard Hawley liquids and powders are again produced from an array of high quality raw materials from around the world and culminated togethe...

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  • CND Retention+

    CND Retention+

    CND Liquid & Powder

    WHAT IT IS A keratin bonding, cross-linking sculpting liquid for lift-prone clients. WHAT IT DOES Covalently bonds, creating enhancements with...

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  • Gold Signature Acrylic Liquid

    Gold Signature Acrylic Liquid

    Perfect Nails

    This product does contain HEMA. It is important therefore not to get into a habit of using the product too wet. NEVER use monomer to smooth the sur...

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  • Grip Monomer

    Grip Monomer


    Maximum Grip Chemistry with advanced UV blockers that guarantee no yellowing and superior "Grip" adhesion.Available in 118ml, 236ml and 944ml.

  • CND Odorless Sculpting Liquid

    CND Odorless Sculpting Liquid

    CND Liquid & Powder

    Eliminate odors associated with traditional acrylics for a more pleasant salon experience. CND™ Odorless Sculpting Liquid was specially formulated...

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  • CND Radical SolarNail

    CND Radical SolarNail - Discontinued!

    CND Liquid & Powder

    WHAT IT IS A reinforced, cross-linking sculpting liquid for tough enhancements. WHAT IT DOES Creates tough, crack resistant enhancements.