Modern Original Products
MODERN. Someone who advocates or practices a departure from traditional values or styles.
ORIGINAL. An eccentric, creative, authentic or unusual person.
PRODUCTS. Hair care products for you to showcase your Modern Original Perspective.

For over 15 years, MOP has been making some of the best products available in salons. Their mission from the beginning has always been to make products that use the best ingredients while never sacrificing Modern Original Performance. What does this mean… well, it simply means that they will never sacrifice performance for the latest ingredient fad, but always want to make their clients feel good about what they use on their heads. That is why  vegetable and fruit derived ingredients are used, and botanicals and natural extracts wherever possible in formulas. It also means that products are never tested on animals and that wherever possible try to make all of their formulas Vegan. We know that this is a Modern Original Perspective and we hope that you will embrace it too!