• Hi Lift True Colour
    Hi Lift True Colour

    Hi Lift True Colour

    Hi Lift

    For a copy of Hi Lift True Colour Technical Manual, please email Hi Lift True Colour is the essence of hair colouring. A s...

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  • Cristalli Hair Colour Cream

    Cristalli Hair Colour Cream

    Cristalli Professional
    Original Price $15.95
    Current Price $6.95

    Cristalli Colour is an innovative, professional hybrid colouring creme enriched with herbal extracts. The unique formulation enables superior grey ...

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  • Affinage Infiniti Permanent Colour

    Affinage Infiniti Permanent Colour


    Infiniti Permanent Colour – What makes it unique? DAT2 – Diamond Blend™ and Activation Technology Nourishing crème/gel formula Low pH 8.2 Low Ammo...

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  • Fanola Colour Cream

    Fanola Colour Cream


    Fanola Prestige Colour is a complete and innovative professional colouring cream low in ammonia and enriched with Ginkgo Biloba that offers protect...

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  • Indola Profession Permanent Caring Color

    Indola Profession Permanent Caring Color

    Original Price $16.95
    Current Price $11.95

    When it comes to irresistible colour with peace of mind as standard, Indola Profession PCC offers the kind of high performance you can count on – a...

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  • Fascinelle Hair Colour Cream

    Fascinelle Hair Colour Cream

    Original Price $12.95
    Current Price $8.95

    61 Beautiful shades Enriched with herbal extracts provides superior condition & shine 100gm tube 1:1.5 ratio Meches, ultra blondes, su...

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  • NAK Hair Permanent Colour

    NAK Hair Permanent Colour


    NAK Hair Permanent Colour

  • Fudge Headpaint

    Fudge Headpaint


    Professional colour range . An intermixable range of shades. For use as both demi and permanent ranges. 100% grey coverage. Available in 100m...

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