Salon & Spa

Salon & Spa have been supplying Australia with salon and spa essentials for 17 years. 

From Foil Body Wraps to foam Pedicure Slippers, Salon & Spa supplies all the essentials to keep your beauty salon and day spa running smooth.

Stock up on individually wrapped Pink Round Facial Sponges, disposable Mascara Wands and Shower Caps. You will also find hygienic replacement screens for the ergonomically designed New York Foot File, which is one of the pedicure industry s most popular products.

Salonshop offers products in the complete Salon & Spa range. Simply type in a keyword above and we ll do the work for you!

  • Eyelash Tint Brushes

    Eyelash Tint Brushes

    Salon & Spa

    Eyelash tint brushes 10pk

  • New York Foot File Replacement Screens

    New York Foot File Replacement Screens

    Salon & Spa
    Original Price $29.95
    Current Price $25.95

    Replacement screens 20pk

  • New York Foot File

    New York Foot File

    Salon & Spa
    Original Price $29.95
    Current Price $25.95

    For more than ten years now the New York Foot File product range has outsold every other pedicure system due to it's uniquely designed ergonomic an...

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  • Beauty Cap

    Beauty Cap

    Salon & Spa

    Also known as crinkle caps or treatment caps. 100pk

  • Shower Cap

    Shower Cap

    Salon & Spa

    Individually wrapped 20pk

  • Foil Body Wrap

    Foil Body Wrap

    Salon & Spa

    Foil body wraps 10pk Dimensions: 160cm x 200cm

  • Facial Gauze

    Facial Gauze

    Salon & Spa

    Facial Gauze with neck cover 50pk.

  • Bed Sheet

    Bed Sheet

    Salon & Spa

    Bedsheets Precut 10pk. Packaged in clear individual tough poly sealed bags with external sticker. Dimensions: 2m x 75cm

  • Pedicure Slippers

    Pedicure Slippers

    Salon & Spa

    Pedicure slippers Foam White 10 pairs.

  • Salon & Spa Headband 25 pieces
    Salon & Spa Headband 25 pieces

    Salon & Spa Headband 25 pieces

    Salon & Spa
    Original Price $24.95
    Current Price $15.95

    25 Pack of disposable headbands 

  • The Pouch Men's G-String

    The Pouch Men's G-String

    Salon & Spa

    The Pouch Men's G-String. Nay 25pk.

  • Lip Brushes

    Lip Brushes

    Salon & Spa

    Lip brushes disposable 25pk

  • Black Cat G-String

    Black Cat G-String

    Salon & Spa

    Thick material , reinforced generous elastic at waist 25pk

  • G-String


    Salon & Spa

    G-String elasticated and individually wrapped. 25pk