The Knot Dr.

Knot, knot, who’s there? The Knot Doctor!
Introducing The Knot Dr. Detangler Hair Brushes, ready to diffuse knots and tangles with perfectly professional ease.
The Knot Dr. Pro Brushes are designed for professionals and everyone else that insists on 'the best'. Ideal for removing knots and lovingly diffusing detangles without breaking or damaging the hair.
The Knot Dr. are great for all ages and all hair types, whether hair is wet or dry.

  • The Knot Dr.Pro Hybrid Detangler
    The Knot Dr.Pro Hybrid Detangler

    The Knot Dr - The Pro Detangler

    The Knot Dr.
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    Current Price $25.46

    The Knot Dr.Pro is a paddle brush boasting 212 bristles. The spread of this impressive bristle count across the paddle allows for maximum coverage ...

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